Sunday, June 7, 2015

Inspiration Monday

 Hey all my crafty friends ! I'm so glad you decided to visit my little part of the web today.
   I don't know about you but Mondays usually reek for me. I get so into enjoying the weekend that I rebel against the approaching normal weekly routine. Blah.
   So I decided on Mondays I'm going to try to motivate myself, while inspiring my awesome crafty friends.
    With that being said, I cannot wait to share with you one of my biggest motivators !! .... I would love for you to meet Terri Sproul...
    If you don't know her, or seen her YouTube channel... Oh my gosh... Please do today.... you can visit it here...

   I have to credit this women for teaching me everything from how to use gesso to resistance on an art journal page. If you aren't familiar with either of these terms... Please visit her YouTube channel...

  If you have ever wanted to learn to art journal, but need to start with the basics or  even if you are a seasonef veteran at the helm of journaling , but could use some new techniques or ideas. Give Terri's channel a visit. You will find the inspiration there.  or here...

   If you ever wanted to take live art journal classes... Terri offers live online classes every Tuesday. Heres her you tube link again, that way you can have it.  for Tuesday evening

     If you've ever wanted to take on line classes, you will love these... Did I mention they were free ?? ... How many artist do you know who offer free online classes? (Yeah I only know a handful as well ) so give Terri's classes a try , I know she will be one of your major go-to's as well. Especially all of you fellow YouTube junkies ( like me LOL)

     Well I feel I've done my part to improve the Mondays of the world . I'm now motivated to do little YouTube surfing  and I hope you are inspired to join me...
   Oh don't forget to subscribe to Terri's channel while your there , I know she will appreciate it !

    Thanks for stopping and sharing part of your day with me.
I hope your Monday rocks !!!

Happy creating !


  1. Great share Jackie! I'm a big Terri Sproul fan too!

    1. Thanks Gina! I am as well !! Terri is so awesome at what she does and so good at teaching.